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  •  Child's Head Scarf with Floral Rhinestones in white by Sparkle my head scarves
  •  Child's Head Scarf with Floral Rhinestones in magenta by Sparkle my head scarves
  •  Child's Head Scarf with Floral Rhinestones in grey heather by Sparkle my head scarves

Sparkle My Head Scarves - Child's Chemo Scarf with Floral Rhinestones in Assorted Colors

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    This delightful scarf with its floral rhinestones was designed to brighten any childs day.  

    This bandana style head scarf is made from the softest t-shirt fabric with great elasticity for ease of styling and enabling the scarf to stay in place.  This scarf will provide year round comfort.

    Choose from self tie or pre-tied:

    • Pre-tied scarf allows you to slip the scarf on and off your head without restyling or untying.
    • Self tie scarf allows you to style the scarf in many variations to best suit your style.
    Color and fit:
    • Colors:  White, Magenta, Grey Heather 
    • Fits most children ages 4-13 years old - Head Scarf Sizing: 25 inch square

    Why SurvivorRoom loves this product: Sarah Graby has seen first-hand the effects of cancer on one's body and soul. When her Aunt Sally was diagnosed and began treatments, her aunt decided that she would wear head scarves instead of wigs during her hair loss. Sarah was shocked and saddened to find there were no "pretty" head scarf options in stores or online that she could buy as gifts. Sarah used her experience from being a woman's fashion designer in NYC for 8 years, and began sewing scarves during her spare time. Her aunt became her muse and Sparkle My Head Scarves was created. Sarah believes a woman always wants to look her best even if she doesn't feel her best. Sarah's Aunt Sally is a cancer survivor, but Sarah continues to create and design so that every woman's spirits can be held up in style.  Her work is also dedicated to the memory of her father.

    Sarah also has created a program to help others, Pass On The Sparkle.  The program was created so that Sparkle My Head Scarves can support two wonderful non-for profit organizations: Fighting Pretty and The Pennsylvania Breast Cancer Coalition.  For this initiative, women who no longer need their head scarves can return them to Sparkle My Head Scarves. Sparkle My Head will then brighten the scarves with "sparkle" and donate them in the sender's name to either Fighting Pretty or the Pennsylvania Breast Cancer Coalition. These organizations will then include the head scarves in their free "pretty packages" to women who have been newly diagnosed and starting their journeys. 

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