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Bra Fitting Chart & Tips


When you match your mastectomy bra profile to your breast profile you will enjoy a much better fit. There are three distinct profiles to describe breast shape: shallow, average, and full. The profile type is not dependent on cup size. For example a D cup customer can actually have a shallow profile and an A cup customer can have a full profile

Shallow Profile mastectomy bra Average Profile mastectomy bra Full Profile mastectomy bra

The breast tissue drapes in the lower cup of the bra and is often seen on the mature woman with soft breast tissue. The shallow profile customer requires a bra with a small bottom cup to push the breast tissue up.

There is an equal amount of breast tissue on the top and bottom of the breast, with a more rounded appearance in the upper cup area. The average profile customer usually has firm breast tissue and a round profile.

Has the most round appearance. The full profile customer requires a bra that provides not only bottom cup support but also support and coverage for the upper part of the breast.

How to determine your band size:

  • With a bra on, using a soft tape measure, measure your body directly under the bust line. Using a mirror, confirm that the tape measure is snug and smooth all around your body.  You will want to make sure the tape meausre is around the lower band of the bra you are wearing and is not slacking or twisted. 
  • Once you have determined your this measurement, round up or down for the closest whole inch.  For example, if your measurement is 31 1/4", round down to 31.  If your measurement is 31 1/2" or over, round up to 32.
  • If the measurement is an odd number, add 5 inches. If it is even, add 4 inches. Therefore, if you measure at 31 you will add 5 inches - making your band size a 36.  If you measure at 32 you will add 4 inches - making your band size a 36. 

How to determine your cup size:

If you had a unilateral mastectomy:

  • With a bra on and using a soft tape measure, measure the fullest part of your breast from your breastbone to the center of your back on the side that did not have the mastectomy.
  • Double this measurement.
  • Subtract the band size that was determined from the new measurement.
  • Each inch of difference is equal to one cup size.
  • The breast form size can be determined using the sizing charts found in the Breast Forms category in conjunction with bra size. 

1 inch = A Cup

2 inch = B Cup

3 inch = C Cup

4 inch = D Cup

5 inch = DD/E Cup

6 inch = DDD/F Cup

7 inch = G Cup

8 inch = H Cup

9 inch = I Cup

If you had a bilateral mastectomy, choose which cup size you would like to be. Many ladies remain the same while many ladies move up or down a cup or more.  The breast form size can be determined using the sizing charts found in the Breast Forms category in conjunction with bra size. The breast form shape can then be selected using the profile parameters above.

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