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SurvivorRoom is proud to carry the following products as SurvivorRoom Exclusives



JuJu Jams are made in Tulsa, Oklahoma by Julie Christner. 


JuJu Jams is a patent pending line of supportive yet comfortable loungewear that has a built in adjustable bra. The bra is made of a very soft shaper mesh fabric that allows for support and comfort of the breasts. The mesh material is a breathable fabric which allows the breasts to not get hot during sleep and/or hormone changes. There is a tie attached to the bottom of the bra that can be tied according to the users comfort and support. It is a wonderful feature so the consumer can determine how much support she needs. The bra is built into the top as one unit.  Instead of coming home from a long day and putting baggy sweat pants and a t-shirt on, you can wear JuJu Jams and be cute, comfortable, and supported around friends and family. You are always presentable when you are wearing JuJu Jams.

The story of JuJu Jams as told by Julie - One morning I woke up thinking “This is it”. This is what I need to develop to help with breast support. I was needing something to help me support my breasts after I got home and before I was ready to put on my PJs. I didn’t want something as confining as a bra, but yet I wanted support that was comfortable.

I went to a local fabric store and asked the lady if she knew a seamstress, since I had no clue on how to sew. She gave me a card of a lady in my hometown, and I gave her a call.

We worked together for 5 months developing prototypes and having my friends try them out. We would get recommendations on how to make the product better. In April, a great friend of mine took the prototypes to a retailer in Tulsa and they fell in love with them, and JuJu Jams has grown from there. 

Enter SurvivorRoom!  Mary Ellen and Jacqui were shopping one day and commented that it was too bad that the designs were not for ladies who had dealt with dressing after breast surgery.  JuJuJams were just too cute!  When Jacqui joined with Mary Ellen to start SurvivorRoom, she contacted Julie to ask about adding pockets to her designs for women that had had a mastectomy and was met with a very positive response.  Mary Ellen saw this design also meeting the needs of ladies with lymphedema when she learned how easy Julie was to work with and how anxious she was to help breast cancer survivors.  Julie said all her designer would need was the measurment of both arms and a custom product could be made.  Now women with large arms, for any reason, have an option other than buying clothing to fit the "average wearer" and trying to have it altered post sale.  SurvivorRoom is pleased to have the exclusive distribution of this unique Juju Jams design!

Julie dedicated the name of “JuJu Jams” to her late father.  When she was a little girl, her father would tell her to “Go get in your JuJu Jams, it is time for bed. Go get in your JuJus”.  She is wanting every new wearer to love Juju Jams as much as she does for their comfort, material, support, and fun design.  She wants all women to feel cute,well supported and lead a comfortable life.

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 Judy's JEMs

 Judy's JEMs by Judy Eason McIntyre in Tulsa, Oklahoma


Judy has been involved in her Tulsa community since she was a small child.  She is loved by all and has contributed in many ways to making the world around her a happier place.  She was elected to the Oklahoma House of Representatives in 2002 and holds the honor of being the first freshman appointed to the Speakers Leadership Team.       In 2004 she was elected to the Oklahoma State Senate and was again elected in 2008. She was well known for traveling with Harry "Give 'em Hell" Truman, an appropriately named terrier.  She currently serves as a member of the Tulsa World Community Advisory Board.  

Judy was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2006 and experienced the same emotions that most women do when given the news.  She set herself about learning and with a friend's help realized that life had dealt her a number of challenges and she had survived!  Judy says, "I am pleased to say that my fear has been replaced with hope; my numbness has been replaced with peace.  As strange as it may sound my breast cancer diagnosis resulted in a new beginning for me, all for the better!"

Retiring from politics allowed time for her to focus on her lifetime passion of working with clay.  She started designing lovely ladies sporting their pink ribbons of breast cancer support.  She gave them to friends and sold a few.  

Judy becoming part of the SurvivorRoom started during one of the famous shopping adventures Jacqui and Mary Ellen enjoy.  They saw her work in Mocha Butterfly, a darling boutique in the Tulsa Arts District.  Mary Ellen was delighted to learn Judy was the artist.  She called Judy and told her about SurvivorRoom and that part of the design was to offer visitors to the site the opportunity to purchase exclusive items.  Judy suggested the designs of survivors, the angels that we offer and also suggested that she could paint the ribbons any survivor color.  A new design of the simple clay ribbon in any color also evolved.  These dedicated designs allow her to continue gifting personal friends and being loyal to her retail friends while extending joy to our shoppers.

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Learn more about Judy on Wikipedia.



The SurvivorRoom Collection represents items that are unique to SurvivorRoom.  We have created items to show your Support or Survivorship using our stylized "S". More are in the works.  Our "S" sets you apart from all other ribbon wearers. 

When we see a product that we think our shoppers would like, we create a unique collecton of our favorites, like the Spinster Sister gift set, and give it our endorsement.  

The pink night shirts with empowered messages are the result of buying all that were available so we could offer them to our shoppers as an exclusive.  They have been one of our favorites for a long time and just didn't want to loose them.  Supply is limited!

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