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How to create a Wishlist

How To Create and Manage a Wishlist 

You can make a Wishlist and share it with family and friends.  Please follow the instructions below.  If you have questions on this process feel free to email us with questions at or call us at 918-779-4380.


1) Create an account by clicking on My Wishlist in the footer area under My Account header.  

2) While shopping click on an item you would like to add to your Wishlist.  This will take you to the individual product page complete with price, sizing, color options and description.

3) To the right of the item you will see the Add To Wishlist button. Select this button.

4) You will be taken to your personal Wishlist page.

Your Wishlist has now been created.

How to Manage Your Newly Created Wishlist

Once you have completed the instructions above you can now Manage your Wishlist. You can share the list with others, add a new list, edit the name of a list or delete a list.

1) Once you are on your Wishlist page click on the Wishlist on the left side of the screen under Manage Account (Wishlist should be the 5th item on the list). 

2) Once you click on Wishlist, the Wishlist Manager will appear.

3) To the far right of the Manager box you will see a heading labeled Action.  

3) Below this you will see a Pen icon and a Trash Can icon. 

4) To Share click on the Pen icon.  

5) You will be taken to a screen that says Edit Wishiist.  Here you can change the name of your list and share you list with others.

    1) To change the name: Type in desired name and click Save List.

     2) To Share the list with others: Also click the box that says I want to be able to share this wish list.  Then click Save List

6) You will then be taken back to the Wishlist Page.  You will now see Share under the Action header.  

7) Click Share.

8) You will then receive a code similar to the code below:

9) You can now copy and paste this code into an email.  When your friends and family click on the code in your email they will be redirected to page that has all the items on your Wishlist.

We hope you enjoy this feature we have added to SurvivorRoom.  

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