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Linda McDonald Cancer Survivor and Author of Dancing Cancer


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Linda McDonald

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Retold as an uplifting story to her two grandchildren, Dancing Cancer (published by AuthorHouse), the new children’s book by Linda McDonald, is the author’s story of survival through three separate instances of cancer, 30 years apart starting at age 3. Never one to be defeated, McDonald continued to follow her heart and chase her dreams of dancing, challenging young readers to reach with faith and not fear.

Dancing Cancer begins when Alex and Michaela come home from school to find that their grandmother, Nana, has cancer. To this revelation they ask, “What is cancer?” They are told that cancer is a serious illness, one that you cannot catch and that does not result from behaving badly, but one that causes Nana to lose her hair and endure chemotherapy treatments.

Alex wants to know more and he asks his Nana to describe her life growing up. Nana tells her grandchildren about when she was first diagnosed with cancer at age 3, and how she survived, went to school and was active as a good student, dancer and cheerleader. Most of all, Nana knew she wanted to move and dance. After 30 years, she is still pursuing her love when she is once again told that she has this serious illness, this time breast cancer. Continuing to follow the advice of doctors, Nana got plenty of exercise, ate a nutritious diet, took in fresh air and sunshine and kept a positive attitude with faith in her heart. Miraculously, she was healed and continued to follow her dancing dreams, travel and teach others about her love for movement.

She encourages her two grandchildren to see their own trials and problems as great opportunities, to realize that God has a special purpose for everyone and that it is their job to follow the dream that God has placed in their hearts. Offering hope and support to all those touched by cancer, Dancing Cancer can be utilized in a discussion with children about a loved one who may be afflicted with the disease while inspiring them to follow their own dreams despite adversity as the young Nana did.

You can purchase Linda's book by clicking here - Dancing Cancer

About the Author

Linda McDonald, a three time cancer survivor, began her career developing dance and movement classes for children that resulted in improved learning and retention. Ms. McDonald graduated from Centenary College, Rollins College, and Dance Educators of America. She was a charter member of the American Dance Therapy Association. She has taught all levels from pre-school through college and has worked with deaf, blind, mentally and physically disabled, prisoners, senior adults and cancer survivors.

Ms. McDonald designs innovative programs that combine her educational and dance experience. She conducts workshops and clinics for various professional, business, educational, and service organizations: such as the President’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports, AARP, National Endowment for the Arts, Association for the Education of Young Children, Department of Corrections, Dance Educators of America, American Association of Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance, National Parent Teachers Association, Parrish Nurses Association, National Arthritis Foundation, YMCA, Presbyterian Church, International Senior Theater, The Wellness Community, Moffitt Cancer Center, IBM, Coca-Cola, General Foods and others.

As an educator and dancer, Ms. McDonald believes movement is basic to life. “Even before birth we had movement.” She developed and implemented various movement education techniques. One of the main premises behind the movement education program is the “Every Child is a Winner” philosophy. Her programs are designed so children compete with themselves and not each other. Many of her methods utilize tools such as hula-hoops, ropes, parachutes, balls, and scarves. She was a faculty member at Goucher College, Kennesaw College, North Georgia College, and Oklahoma State University. Ms. McDonald released two educational records and created a public service film and booklet.

Ms. McDonald’s interests have turned to using her talents to meet the needs of senior adults, cancer patients, and medically challenged. She was a US delegate to the World Health Organization Congress on Aging, Physical Activity, and Sports in Heidelberg, Germany. She served as a US representative on an international delegation to Red China for dance and dance education. Rotary International invited her to serve on a Group Study Exchange to Korea. She worked with the senior theater. As a certified Healthy Steps/LeBed trainer she is teaching the medically based therapeutic exercise program that is used in over 800 hospitals and centers in the US and fourteen countries.

Ms. McDonald is available for consultation and will assist in developing partnerships and coalitions utilizing therapeutic exercise, fitness, dance and movement education programs. She may be contacted at (941) 346-2206.

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